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Mon Mar 5, 2018 05:25

There is much more evidentially against Condon, than about anyone before BRH was captured. Condon, with his known knowledge of the ongoing crime, was able to work his was into the inner workings of LC, so much so that he even took baby stuff to remember it always. It was a two man job, though Hauptmann may have used a friend to cover for him at the cemetary Lots of people to blab to the police with this scenario.

  • Re: nine dictionariesJoe for Bob Mills, Fri Mar 2 08:21
    Bob, now the that the dictionary dilemma has been put to bed, you're asking that we determine the state of Hauptmann's criminal mind? Good luck.. have you ever tried undoing a ball of hopelessly... more
    • Condon? — Jack, Mon Mar 5 05:25
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