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Michael 5260
Trendley and invisible writing
Thu Mar 8, 2018 10:13

Here is the exchange between Ed Reilly and John Trendley.

Q. Picks out the word "singnature" and compares it with nothing on the chart from Hauptmann's writing?

A. That is correct.

Q. In your opinion would that be sufficient to send a man to the electric chair?

In the series of ransom notes the word "singnature" appears five times. Four times it is spelled "singnature" and once it is spelled "singtuere".

It is apparent from this observation the writer has trouble spelling the word "signature" correctly.

The word "singnature" does not appear in Hauptmann's writings. It is not found in his police station request writings. The police did not dictate the word to him, tell him how to spell the word, or show him the word in the ransom notes and have him copy it. He didn't write the word.

The word is not found in Hauptmann's conceded writings or course of everyday business writings. You do not find it anywhere.

How could Osborn compare "singnature" from the ransom notes to Hauptmann's writing "singnature" on a handwriting exhibit chart when Hauptmann never wrote the word?

This is an example of Trendley's penchant for magical handwriting testimony. It isn't the only example.

Reilly throws more fuel on the fire when he asks Hauptmann, on the witness-stand, to spell the word "signature" and Hauptmann spells the word incorrectly.

    • Reilly/TrendlyJack, Mon Mar 12 12:17
      I'm surprised Reilly was so dumb. He thought BRH was guilty as sin so I wonder if he really wanted him found guilty. JMO of course, but it doesn'r seem like expensive litigation attorney Reilly was... more
      • Re: Reilly/TrendlyMichael 5260, Mon Mar 12 14:25
        Ed Reilly gave it the old college try. What else can you do when you have a desperate case. When you closely read the summation that Reilly gave to the jury you can see how it exemplifies half of... more
        • ?Jack, Tue Mar 13 03:25
          Question for Michael: Do you know if there's any evidence to support that the death penalty is a deterrant to crime?
          • Re: ?Michael 5260, Tue Mar 13 09:54
            I've never found any significant evidence that capital punishment is a deterrent to crime. Historically, when you look at the number of people that have been executed by hanging, guillotined, firing... more
            • capital punishment in 2018bob mills for michael and forum, Tue Mar 13 11:43
              I agree that capital punishment is an ineffective deterrent to capital crimes. Even death-penalty advocates seem to agree, because the emphasis has shifted to "helping the victim's family gain... more
          • Back to ReillyJack, Tue Mar 13 03:30
            When I said he was dumb, I meant that I've always heard that an attorney should know the answer to any questions, rather, what the answer will be, to any questions he asks at trial. As you mentioned... more
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