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bob mills for steve and forum
the ladder and the eaglet
Thu Mar 8, 2018 18:21

I can't prove you wrong, Steve. But if I try to think like the kidnapper, I ask myself, "What do I stand to gain by killing the Eaglet?"

If he was a "legitimate" kidnapper, in that his motive was returning the child in exchange for ransom, then killing the Eaglet made no sense whatsoever. It also increased his chances of being caught, because in a typical ransom exchange he'd have gotten away with it in 1932 (not today, of course). Back then, kidnappings were a daily occurrence. The cops would have chalked it up to daily routine.

If (as I believe) he was a "kidnap for hire" abductor, carrying out a job for Capone, then killing the child made even less sense, because nobody would be letting Capone out of jail in exchange for a dead child.

So, if you're right, the kidnapper must have been a sadistic type who had planned all along to pretend the Eaglet was alive during the bargaining process, even knowing he had killed him. That doesn't sound like Hauptmann to me. I concede that Wilentz thought Hauptmann was a baby killer.

  • Re: The laddersteve for bob, Thu Mar 8 12:20
    i think the baby was killed in the room
    • the ladder and the eaglet — bob mills for steve and forum, Thu Mar 8 18:21
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