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bib mills for sue and forum
Sat Mar 10, 2018 18:09

The "official" ruling from the autopsy was that the Eaglet died from a fractured skull. Of course, that could have been a result of deliberate action by the absuctor or from an accident (a fall from the ladder?).

We just don't know. If he was shot, it wasn't until later, presumably. And why would anyone shoot the Eaglet, leaving forensic evidence, when strangling would have been easier and less traceable?

  • 1) Eckert, W.G.; Lindbergh, C., 1980: The Lindbergh case. A triumph in forensic investigation. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology 1(2): 151-153... more
    • forensics — bib mills for sue and forum, Sat Mar 10 18:09
      • Talk of a BulletSue for Bob, Sun Mar 11 16:26
        I don't know either, but many sources talk of being killed by gunshot. Whether or not to believe them is another story, but here are some other sources: 1) J. R. Russell in Loss of Eden by Joyce... more
      • Re: forensicsSue for Bob, Sat Mar 10 19:06
        Initially, Dr. Mitchell said he believed it was a gunshot wound. Investigators were up in the Mount Rose woods hoping to find the spent bullet.
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