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Sue for Bob
Re: forensics
Sat Mar 10, 2018 19:06

Initially, Dr. Mitchell said he believed it was a gunshot wound.

Investigators were up in the Mount Rose woods hoping to find the spent bullet.

  • forensicsbib mills for sue and forum, Sat Mar 10 18:09
    The "official" ruling from the autopsy was that the Eaglet died from a fractured skull. Of course, that could have been a result of deliberate action by the absuctor or from an accident (a fall from... more
    • Talk of a BulletSue for Bob, Sun Mar 11 16:26
      I don't know either, but many sources talk of being killed by gunshot. Whether or not to believe them is another story, but here are some other sources: 1) J. R. Russell in Loss of Eden by Joyce... more
    • Re: forensics — Sue for Bob, Sat Mar 10 19:06
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