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Samuel Blackman vs. Edmund DeLong
Mon Mar 12, 2018 13:00

Who got to the estate first, Samuel Blackman or Edmund Delong?

Robert Zorn claims that Samuel Blackman (see page 72, 220, and 270 in Cemetery John) was the first to arrive at the estate.

Mark Falzini (see page 26 in New Jersey's Kidnapping and Trial) and Dr. Lloyd Gardner (see pages 1 and 29 in The Case That Never Dies) say that Edmund DeLong arrived their first.

The May-June 1932 edition of Rattle of Theta Chi, in the article called "Reporter Responsible for AP Scoop Member of Theta Zeta, Now Beta Delta Chapter" Volume 20, Issue 8, pages 7-8, written by Stwart Demarest, says that there were two reporters who PRECEDED Blackman's arrival at the estate. (see page 8)

PAW, Princeton Alumni Weekly, also lays claim to Edmund DeLong being the first reporter up at the estate.

It's interesting to note that Robert Zorn and Dr. Gardner each interviewed a relative of the person they claim was the first to arrive at Highfields. See the notes in their books. I believe it was a relative of DeLong's in Gardner's book, and Zorn interviewed the daughter of Samuel Blackman. (See Chapter 7 notes for Zorn's book and Introduction Notes for Gardner's.)

Edmund Delong's 1962 interview covers a lot of terrain in the Lindbergh case. His allegations about John Condon are shocking, but I don't know if they are true.

I wonder if a writer in the future will use those allegations or some other information included in the DeLong interview for their own book?

    • samuel blackmanbob mills for sue and forum, Mon Mar 12 13:46
      I had an appointment to interview Samuel Blackman in 1995, in connection with research I was doing for "The Lindbergh Syndrome" (which didn't get published until 2005). The appointment was arranged... more
      • Re: samuel blackmanSue for Bob, Mon Mar 12 21:08
        I remember you told me that a few years ago. Did you at least get to speak with Blackman over the phone before the scheduled visit at the nursing home?
        • the interview that wasn'tbob mills for sue, Tue Mar 13 05:00
          Never did, Sue. Only spoke to his daughter Ann, who was very pleasant. She did tell me that he believed in Hauptmann's guilt.
          • Blackman or DeLong?Sue for Bob, Tue Mar 13 20:00
            Bob, did you hear the proclamation from Blackman's daughter that her father, Samuel Blackman, was the first reporter up at the Lindbergh estate? That would really be Blackman's foremost claim to fame ... more
            • blackmanbob mills for sue campbell, Wed Mar 14 11:29
              Sue, I don't remember if Ann Blackman made that claim or not. I do remember, after his death, that Samuel Blackman was referred to in the press, and/or online, as having been the first to arrive at... more
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