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Michael 5260
The "is" snow job
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:57

Ed Reilly and John Trendley discuss the word "is".

Q. Then I am correct in saying that in the first ten lines of the nursery note the only symbol or word out of the ten lines photographed by Mr. Osborn from which he makes his comparison and his opinion is the word i-s?

A. I-s is the only word.

Q. So taking the whole ransom note from top to bottom, we find that Mr. Osborn, testifying for over forty years all over the country, with samples of the defendant's handwriting before him, and with this note, the first found in the nursery, as a comparative test upon which he makes his observations and opinion to this jury, picks out the word i-s "is" and compares it with i-s's of Hauptmann's is that correct?

A. It is.

You would think that Trendley would have known that a suspect is not identified or excluded as a writer based on one word or handwriting characteristic. I guess this principle took too much time for him to learn.

There are thirty-five examples of the word "is" found from the beginning to the end of the Lindbergh ransom notes series.

There are two variations of the word "is" that have been written:

Variation 1. The word begins with a down stroke on the "i", a connecting stroke to the "s" forming the left side of the "s", a curved top on the "s", and a terminal stroke of the "s" that is open at the bottom left side of the "s".

Variation 2. The word begins with an upstroke-down stroke on the "i", a connecting stroke to the "s" forming the left side of the "s", a curved top on the "s", and a terminal stroke of the "s" that is open at the bottom left side of the "s".

None of the "is's" have the "i" dotted.

The word "is" written with only the "i" down stroke appears twelve times. The word "is" written with the upstroke-down stroke appears twenty-three times.

All the "is's" found in the ransom notes are naturally written and free from handwriting disguise. When they are all placed together it is easily seen they all belong to the same family of writings and that they were written by the same hand

A simple word like the word "is" (third person singular present indicative of be) has evidential value because of its simplicity.

"It is a fact that in every language there are certain words, usually short, of frequent occurrence that have only syntactical significance that contribute little to the conveyance of ideas".

"Because of their frequency of occurrence, their shortness, and their relative insignificance, they exhibit a greater degree of unconscious characterization or individuality than other words may. In accordance with what has been said above, it has been claimed that such words, insofar as the mental process of the average penman goes, are not words in the usual sense of the term, but are symbols. They are put on paper not as a successive series of letters, but are executed as single units".
Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals, Roy A. Huber and A.M. Headrick,1999, CRC Press, pp. 73-74

With just one word we begin to see and understand there is only one writer of all the Lindbergh ransom notes. We have also started to punch through the flimsy handwriting disguise(what there is of it) in the ransom notes.

Does Hauptmann write both variations of the word "is" and in the same manner? Yes he does.

    • Michael 5260tanialee, Fri Mar 16 00:21
      Hello Michael, wondering if you are QDE? or at least a certified handwriting analyst? I am a CHA and have always said that Hauptman did not write the nursery letter or any of the others. Of course, I ... more
      • Re: Michael 5260Michael 5260, Fri Mar 16 09:48
        Hi Tanialee. I have and have studied the book "The Dead Poets Plus One". I did not give this book short shrift. If a person takes the time to write a book regarding questioned handwriting I can take... more
        • Michael 5260tanialee, Sat Mar 17 05:56
          Thanks for the quick response. Many people havn't read Ana Kyle's books on the handwriting/Lindy case so am happy to see someone who did and is intelligent enough to understand the premise ad... more
          • Dead Poets bookRichard Sloan, Sun Mar 18 10:42
            Back in July of 2012 some of you were sharing posts here with Ana Kyle. Why didnt you ask her for a copy of her book at that time when you were in touch with her?
            • Richard Sloan Dead Poets Booktanialee, Mon Apr 9 21:33
              Hi Richard. I have been very sick with my first ever kidney stone and now stomach ulcers so haven't been on until now. I couldn't afford to buy Ana Kyle's book, Dead Poets back when we were in touch... more
            • Ana Kyle BooksJack, Mon Mar 19 01:15
              She gave me her address and where to buy it. She also said if you buy one on Amazon, it's a fraudulent copy and implied you should be arrested. Kind of like those labels on mattresses "do not remove... more
              • booksAna Kyle, Tue Mar 27 18:04
                Sir: I never gave Amazon permission to sell my books, if that is where you purchased it -the money went into their pocket -not mine. Last year, I saw an ad from another book store selling my first... more
                • Jack for Ana KyleJack, Wed Mar 28 02:34
                  Linguistics, which you seem to self-proclaim excel at is the worst of "sciences." Worse than handwriting! If you'd like to catch the writer of the notes, look at letter frequency a true tale of who... more
                • Ana Jack, Wed Mar 28 02:14
                  Wow, THE Ana Kyle watching us. I'm sure you don't take suggestions from peons like me, but I'd advise you to look at what you actually have produced which IMO of course is absolute zero. When did... more
                  • WolfeAna Kyle, Wed Mar 28 21:10
                    I don't know what you are reading. You have no knowledge of handwriting identification. Wolfe did not commit suicide. He died of tumors in his brain at the age of 38. . Please do not contact me again.
              • Ana KyleSam, Sat Mar 24 14:48
                I bought my copy directly from her. It was a number of years ago, and I think I paid $40 (U.S.) What I got was not a "book" but a large white binder filled with typed pages. I read it but it made no... more
                • Ana Kyle BooksJack, Sat Mar 24 15:43
                  Good idea Sam. I'll donate mine if I can find it. I'm not sure if you saw my other post on that book, but it's supposed to be a handwriting book and there's no examples of Wolfe or Richard's... more
      • Hello, HelloJack, Fri Mar 16 01:24
        Hi Tanialee, Sorry to bump in, but havn't heard from you in a long time and just wanted to say hi.
        • More for TaniaJack, Fri Mar 16 01:40
          BTW: I bought that Anna Kyle book. Was about thirty bucks. Was the biggest waste of money that I can think of. She's supposed to be a top handwriting analyst, but there are no handwriting examples... more
    • Hauptmann Handwritingjack, Thu Mar 15 00:36
      Gov. Hoffmann had a detective look into BRH handwriting. I don't recall his name and I had his conclusions in a magazine but I can't find it. He questioned the letter "k" which, in the notes looked... more
      • Re: Hauptmann HandwritingMichael 5260, Thu Mar 15 10:49
        Yes I have Jack. The private investigator was Jesse W. Pelletreau. He was working for Governor Hoffman in defense of Hauptmann. Pelletreau wrote the article "Blowing the Lid off of the Lindbergh... more
        • Hauptmann HandwritingJack, Fri Mar 16 01:19
          Good job! Ya, I had that original TD magazine but I've moved several times since I got it and though I seem to remember putting it in one of the sheds, It's evidently misplaced. Could have been... more
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