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Michael 5260
Re: Hauptmann Handwriting
Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:49

Yes I have Jack. The private investigator was Jesse W. Pelletreau. He was working for Governor Hoffman in defense of Hauptmann.

Pelletreau wrote the article "Blowing the Lid off of the Lindbergh Crime" for True Detective Mysteries. I have the article.

This article is saturated with errors but Pelletreau did get one observation correct:

"First off, I compared the nursery note with the fourteen notes that followed it and concluded that they were all written by one in the same person".

This should make a believer in the separate kidnapper/extortionist idea reach for digitalis. This is coming from one of Hoffman's boys not the prosecution.

Yes, Pelletreau was accurate about there being only one writer of all the ransom notes. From this point he goes downhill swiftly.

As I mentioned, a writer is not identified or excluded based on one handwriting characteristic. Yet, we have Pelletreau turning up the heat and hanging off of the letter "k".

J. Vreeland Haring thought the "k's" were a disguised letter form. I disagree with him. There are sixty-two small cursively written "k's" in the ransom notes and they are all quickly and naturally written. They are consistently repeated throughout the ransom notes in the same manner and they exhibit "natural variation" which leads me to conclude they were not disguised. It would be extremely rare indeed for a writer to sustain a disguised letter "k" throughout a series of ransom notes that were written at different times and under different writing conditions. Nobody is that good.

Handwriting characteristic can be classified as fixed, occasional, and rare. Sometimes a characteristic will appear in a writing and then disappear never to be seen again. This is why it is important, if possible, to have standard of comparison writings that are close in time to the questioned writing.

By the time Hauptmann was arrested in September 1934 the particular "k" was gone from his writing. His handwriting had evolved over the two and a half year period of time between writing the ransom notes and writing the police request writings. Hey, we are human beings not machines.

Another example of this is the spelling of "good". In the ransom notes you find it spelled "gut", "gute", and believe it or not as "gud". When the test paragraph is dictated to Hauptmann he writes the word "good" six times and all six times he spells "good" correctly. How could this be evidence that the police were telling Hauptmann how to spell words? It isn't.

Still another example is the spelling of the word "boat". During dictation Hauptmann wrote the word fourteen times. Twice correctly and twelve times as "bout". If we are to believe the police were telling Hauptmann how to spell they missed telling him to spell "boat" as "boad"? The most obvious and glaring misspelling in the Boad Nelly ransom note, yet, the police missed it and failed to tell Hauptmann to spell "boad".

The word "boat" spelled as "boad" is found in Hauptmann's notebook when he made a notation about a boat trip in California in 1931. It is found because the writing is closer in time to the 1932 kidnapping.

P.S. Pelletreau refers to the writer of the Lindbergh ransom notes as "Mr. X". This is Jacob Nosovitsky. I quess Pelletreau didn't want to name Nosovitsky for fear of being sued. The editor of the magazine too:

"However, his views are his own. They are published by this magazine as a matter of public interest for discussion, pro and con". - Ed.

Thank you Mr. Editor. Things are so clear to me now.

  • Hauptmann Handwritingjack, Thu Mar 15 00:36
    Gov. Hoffmann had a detective look into BRH handwriting. I don't recall his name and I had his conclusions in a magazine but I can't find it. He questioned the letter "k" which, in the notes looked... more
    • Re: Hauptmann Handwriting — Michael 5260, Thu Mar 15 10:49
      • Hauptmann HandwritingJack, Fri Mar 16 01:19
        Good job! Ya, I had that original TD magazine but I've moved several times since I got it and though I seem to remember putting it in one of the sheds, It's evidently misplaced. Could have been... more
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