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Hauptmann Handwriting
Fri Mar 16, 2018 01:19

Good job!
Ya, I had that original TD magazine but I've moved several times since I got it and though I seem to remember putting it in one of the sheds, It's evidently misplaced. Could have been stolen - cool old magazine. Do you know if there were any examples of Hauptmann's writing that had that distinctive inside swoop on the tail of the "K"? I never saw any, but he didn't come up with any examples for the other guy he claimed wrote the notes either - Nosovitsky. Seems another limbo clue.

  • Re: Hauptmann HandwritingMichael 5260, Thu Mar 15 10:49
    Yes I have Jack. The private investigator was Jesse W. Pelletreau. He was working for Governor Hoffman in defense of Hauptmann. Pelletreau wrote the article "Blowing the Lid off of the Lindbergh... more
    • Hauptmann Handwriting — Jack, Fri Mar 16 01:19
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