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More for Tania
Fri Mar 16, 2018 01:40

I bought that Anna Kyle book. Was about thirty bucks. Was the biggest waste of money that I can think of. She's supposed to be a top handwriting analyst, but there are no handwriting examples from Hauptmann or her fingered guy in the book. There's just her esoteric analysis of a few words that seem out of place in the notes, and she romantically tags them onto only Wolfe who she says is the only one who would use them. Wolfe was a lousy writer and probably not read at all anymore. He lamented at length his brother and was acclaimed some but to say he went into the kidnapping note business is more than a stretch. If anyone wants that lousy book I'll send it to them, PM me.

  • Hello, HelloJack, Fri Mar 16 01:24
    Hi Tanialee, Sorry to bump in, but havn't heard from you in a long time and just wanted to say hi.
    • More for Tania — Jack, Fri Mar 16 01:40
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