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Richard E Sloan
Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:49

I think I might have that Amer. Journal of Forensic... SOmeone I know sent it to me (if that's the mag.) bec. it had an article about a daguerreotype purported to be the first photo ever taken of Lincoln. To my surprise, an article (that one?) about the Lindy case was in it, too, which I found so much more worthwhile. I'll see if I can find it.
I never heard of that "...Plenary Session" in Cinc. in 1983.
But the work you cite is a 3-pager by Michael Baden. The way it is referred to in your post is that it was a talk that "took place". Can you please clear this up for me?

  • William G. Eckert, M.D.Sue, Sat Mar 17 12:13
    Does anyone know if Dr. William G. Eckert did any forensic work on the Lindbergh case? I can't seem to locate anything about him in the Lindbergh kidnap case books or articles. The reference I cited... more
    • Eckert — Richard E Sloan, Sun Mar 18 10:49
      • From Post BelowSue for Richard, Sun Mar 18 15:09
        Richard, Dr. Eckert published his LKC article 3 years before the 1983 plenary session. The post below appeared a few days ago -- March 10, 2018 to be exact. Sue 1) Eckert, W.G.; Lindbergh, C., 1980:... more
      • 1983 Lindbergh Plenary Session Sue for Richard, Sun Mar 18 14:55
        The 1983 Plenary Session was huge, Richard. Please see page 454, note #6, in Jim Fisher's 1987 book called The Lindbergh Case, for a summary of that 1983 event. According to Jim Fisher's notes from... more
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