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Sue for Richard
1983 Lindbergh Plenary Session
Sun Mar 18, 2018 14:55

The 1983 Plenary Session was huge, Richard.

Please see page 454, note #6, in Jim Fisher's 1987 book called The Lindbergh Case, for a summary of that 1983 event.

According to Jim Fisher's notes from Chapter 33 on page 454, the whole event was recorded on video and is available at the Lindbergh Case Archives in Trenton.

Seven experts presented papers at that conference.

I believe all those presenters had their papers published in the same scholarly journal.

I remember seeing those articles in one volume at the same time that I obtained the Bass Report many years ago from a health science library at Stony Brook University on Long Island. I think all those articles from the plenary session appear together, but those articles may have also been published separately.

  • EckertRichard E Sloan, Sun Mar 18 10:49
    I think I might have that Amer. Journal of Forensic... SOmeone I know sent it to me (if that's the mag.) bec. it had an article about a daguerreotype purported to be the first photo ever taken of... more
    • From Post BelowSue for Richard, Sun Mar 18 15:09
      Richard, Dr. Eckert published his LKC article 3 years before the 1983 plenary session. The post below appeared a few days ago -- March 10, 2018 to be exact. Sue 1) Eckert, W.G.; Lindbergh, C., 1980:... more
    • 1983 Lindbergh Plenary Session — Sue for Richard, Sun Mar 18 14:55
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