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Michael 5260
The big enchilada
Mon Mar 19, 2018 09:49

Ed Reilly and John Trendley briefly discussed the handwriting of Isidor Fisch. Very briefly.

Q. Now, in your examination, did you examine the handwriting of any other people?

A. I did.

Q. Did you examine the handwriting of Isidor Fisch??

A. I did.

That's it. Nothing more was said about the handwriting of Isidor Fisch. Nada, zip, zilch.

This was a golden opportunity for Trendley to claim that Isidor Fisch wrote the Lindbergh ransom notes. He did not go there during his testimony.

Trendley had been sniffing around the LKC like a hound around a fire hydrant since September of 1934. Reporters discovered it and went to Trendley's home for an interview with him. He wasn't home but his family said he was convinced that Isidor Fisch wrote the ransom notes. This conclusion also came out of Trendley's own mouth.

Both Reilly and Trendley knew(well, maybe Reilly) that claiming Fisch was the writer would have ignited a vehement cross-examination from Attorney Lanigan that I doubt Trendley would have survived. It's one thing for an attorney to speculate that an expert witness is being untruthful and quite another thing to "know for sure" the expert witness is lying.

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