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Dr. Albert E. Edel, Toxicologist
Mon Mar 19, 2018 20:59

"Dr. Edel established the identity of the murdered Lindbergh child by tests of his hair. Through his study of a trunk found in the home of kidnapper Bruno R. Hauptmann in the Bronx, N.Y., a police theory that the baby was transported in it was knocked down."

Asbury Park Press
June 9, 1955

I thought you might be interested in this 1955 obituary for Dr. Albert E. Edel, toxicologist in the Lindbergh case.

Edel tested the TRUNK that was found in Hauptmann's apartment.

I think there was only ONE trunk found in the Hauptmann apartment -- the trunk where the maps and dictionaries were found?

Edel's tests proved the Lindbergh baby was not transported in the trunk?

I read in a few accounts that it was a SMALL trunk that was found in Hauptmann's apartment.

Maybe a small steamer trunk?

Anyhow, the obit. from June 1955 says that Edel confirmed the baby's identity by his hair -- the hair that Mrs. Morrow gave to the authorities?

I believe Edel also tested the baby's clothing.

Another forensic guy from the Lindbergh case that got lost in the shuffle?

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