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Michael 5260
Clear as mud
Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:02

We take another ride with Reilly and Trendley through the Napa wine country.

Q. I want to call your attention to some other letters and then I am through with you. You have indicated to me that you would like to speak about some comparisons? In the "a's"?

A. Yes. In examining the ransom notes, I think there were something like over three hundred a's and I find all through the a's it is a round form or what you call a square form "a", entirely. In all of the request writings I find, and the other writings, I find the a's of the oval form, in which the height exceeded the width.

So, Trendley found that all the a's are a round form but we call it a square form. They are round and square at the same time. This is like saying something is sharp and dull, hot and cold, wet and dry, all at the same time.

Trendley shows the jury nothing to demonstrate to the jury what he is talking about. The jury has to take his word on it.

Trendley makes no mention that a letter form can be affected by the position it has in a word, whether initial, medial, or terminal. It can also be affected by the letter form that precedes it and the letter form that follows it.

Just to make this simple. Take the "a" as the indefinite article as it appears in the ransom notes. There are twenty-three of them. When they are compared to each other it is easy to see they have the same family likeness because they were all written by the same hand. Also the dominant trait of the letter form is that the oval portion of the letter is written first, followed by a pen lift, and then finished with a short down stroke on the right side that forms a tight upward curve.

In Hauptmann's request writings "a" the indefinite article does not appear in the test paragraph that was dictated to him. We do find it written four times when the last two directional ransom notes were dictated to him. When they are compared to the "a" the indefinite article appearing in the ransom notes they are a match.

Something to consider. There is such a thing as "Form Blindness". This is the inability to see minute differences in form regarding shapes, curves, angles and size. A person is unable to tell apart two similarly-appearing, yet different, items.

Did Trendley have form blindness? I don't know. I do know that an individual with this disability cannot perform handwriting identification or fingerprint identification.

    • Re: Clear as mudJoe, Tue Mar 27 12:06
      Trendley couldn't possibly help the defense or convince any of the jurors through his tales, but Reilly probably understood he was as got as it would get. Both Trendley and Reilly's agendas are clear ... more
      • Re: Clear as mudMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Mar 28 09:47
        I imagine Hauptmann found Trendley's testimony amusing. He would have been more amused(shocked?)if Hilda Brunlich had been put on the witness stand. Hilda claimed the ransom notes were forged,... more
        • Re: Clear as mudJoe for Michael, Wed Mar 28 12:13
          Hilda got a lot of mileage out of her nonsense, courtesy of Reilly having had the sense to send her packing before she put her foot in her mouth at the wrong time.. it's interesting how often this... more
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