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Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: Clear as mud
Wed Mar 28, 2018 09:47

I imagine Hauptmann found Trendley's testimony amusing. He would have been more amused(shocked?)if Hilda Brunlich had been put on the witness stand.

Hilda claimed the ransom notes were forged, overwritten, to look like Hauptmann's handwriting and that the request writings were also forged to look like Hauptmann's handwriting.

It certainly struck terror in Ed Reilly. That's why he told Hilda to not talk to anyone and just go away quickly. The reporters would have had a field day with such a fantastic assertion. Can you picture the ferocious cross-examination Hilda would have generated? An acetylene torch flame would have been more comfortable.

I think Ed Reilly basically saved her from herself. She should have counted her blessings.

Over forty years later Hilda was still declaring the same opinion to a reporter in Florida. It shows you can't ever fix stupid.

  • Re: Clear as mudJoe, Tue Mar 27 12:06
    Trendley couldn't possibly help the defense or convince any of the jurors through his tales, but Reilly probably understood he was as got as it would get. Both Trendley and Reilly's agendas are clear ... more
    • Re: Clear as mud — Michael 5260 for Joe, Wed Mar 28 09:47
      • Re: Clear as mudJoe for Michael, Wed Mar 28 12:13
        Hilda got a lot of mileage out of her nonsense, courtesy of Reilly having had the sense to send her packing before she put her foot in her mouth at the wrong time.. it's interesting how often this... more
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