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Ana Kyle
Wed Mar 28, 2018 21:10

I don't know what you are reading. You have no knowledge of handwriting identification.
Wolfe did not commit suicide. He died of tumors in his brain at the age of 38.
Please do not contact me again.

  • Ana Jack, Wed Mar 28 02:14
    Wow, THE Ana Kyle watching us. I'm sure you don't take suggestions from peons like me, but I'd advise you to look at what you actually have produced which IMO of course is absolute zero. When did... more
    • Wolfe — Ana Kyle, Wed Mar 28 21:10
      • AKJack, Thu Mar 29 06:06
        Ana Kyle is just a waste of time.
        • For Ana KyleJack , Thu Mar 29 06:22
          OK Ana, I'll give you one. Wolfe did fit into society in his way. But he had a mental problem as evidenced in his writing of inadaquency. I'd be surprised if anyone ever read his book completely. It... more
      • For Ana KyleJack, Thu Mar 29 06:02
        NO, I'll contact you all that I want. \Wolfe was a weirdo that didn't fit into society. It's really a stretch to think he had anything to do with the Lindbergh kidnapping but I guess you stretch... more
        • Jack for Ana KyleTania Bowman, Mon Apr 9 21:40
          Jack, Jack Jack, why must you protest so much? Ann Morrow Lindbergh was a prolific writer as you well know and Lindy had his share of books he wrote, therefore why couldn't Lindy have known Wolfe?... more
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