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Thu Mar 29, 2018 06:06

Ana Kyle is just a waste of time.

  • WolfeAna Kyle, Wed Mar 28 21:10
    I don't know what you are reading. You have no knowledge of handwriting identification. Wolfe did not commit suicide. He died of tumors in his brain at the age of 38. . Please do not contact me again.
    • AK — Jack, Thu Mar 29 06:06
      • For Ana KyleJack , Thu Mar 29 06:22
        OK Ana, I'll give you one. Wolfe did fit into society in his way. But he had a mental problem as evidenced in his writing of inadaquency. I'd be surprised if anyone ever read his book completely. It... more
    • For Ana KyleJack, Thu Mar 29 06:02
      NO, I'll contact you all that I want. \Wolfe was a weirdo that didn't fit into society. It's really a stretch to think he had anything to do with the Lindbergh kidnapping but I guess you stretch... more
      • Jack for Ana KyleTania Bowman, Mon Apr 9 21:40
        Jack, Jack Jack, why must you protest so much? Ann Morrow Lindbergh was a prolific writer as you well know and Lindy had his share of books he wrote, therefore why couldn't Lindy have known Wolfe?... more
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