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Re: Trendley and "stuff"
Tue Apr 3, 2018 09:48

Over the years, Trendley was able to prove that handwriting identification was dubious. Trendley had the ability to "fool" Handwriting Experts with his forgeries. I think that just might be the real reason why QDEs despise the man and also why they never mention this fact when discussing him.

  • Trendley and "stuff"Michael 5260, Sat Mar 31 11:12
    Reilly and Trendley provide a whiff of doubt to the jury concerning photography. Q. Is it possible to distort the handwriting by photography? A. Oh, yes; you can do a lot of that stuff with... more
    • Re: Trendley and "stuff" — Anonymous, Tue Apr 3 09:48
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