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Michael 5260 for Anonymous
Re: When testimony becomes tripe
Sun Apr 8, 2018 08:39

If you believe that forensic document examination is junk science you need to start writing letters about this problem and send them to the following:

Scotland Yard
U.S. Postal Service
All 50 state police departments that have questioned document sections.

I'm sure they will answer you. Think of the money that will be saved when you point out to all of them that the work they do is junk science and worthless.

You do not understand what an "unfair" test is. It is designed to cause a handwriting examiner to make an error on the witness stand. Disputed signatures or writings are not examined in that way(at the spur of the moment). It takes time to analyze, compare, and evaluate writings in order to avoid error.

Giving an opinion about a signature on the witness stand amounts to a "curbstone" opinion. This was Trendley's idea of examining a signature. He admitted it and that it was the reason he made a mistake in a court case. His other excuses were, "It was a dark and gloomy day", "I didn't have my mind on the case", "We had a hot train to be iced".

Maybe John Trendley or Hilda Braulich can see if a signature is fraudulent or genuine just by staring at it for a moment or two. Such examination powers are beyond a reputable examiner's skill.

I will attack John Trendley all I want to and I'm not finished with him yet. He deserves it. This guy was no Sir Lancelot on his trusty charger battling against the evil prosecution handwriting examiners. He was a court charlatan and his testimony proves it. If anyone fits the definition of a "hired gun" it was this puke.

Ed Reilly called handwriting identification "guesswork", yet he put Trendley up on the witness stand. If it really is "guesswork then why bother to do so. If a person believes it is just "guesswork" then Trendley's stupid observations are "guesswork" too. Reilly also said the jury doesn't need anyone to tell them about the handwriting. They can decide for themselves. They did.

I've noticed over the years that there are two questions that should never be asked about the LKC. What is the fact? What is the proof? There are some people that slither away from these two questions like Count Dracula abhors garlic, mirrors, and the crucifix.

  • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sat Apr 7 19:28
    Let's take a look at what you've written shall we? Testimony is "enough." Okay, so an expert testifying that a forged document Trendley prepared was authentic is what exactly? Testimony? Next I think ... more
    • Re: When testimony becomes tripe — Michael 5260 for Anonymous, Sun Apr 8 08:39
      • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sun Apr 8 22:43
        List cases where two experts representing a legitimate science testify against one another. Ballistics? Serology? Fingerprints? QDE examiners are nothing more than educated "guessers." Its why both... more
        • Re: When testimony becomes tripeMichael 5260, Mon Apr 9 08:05
          Stop trying to give me assignments. I'm not interested in ballistics, serology, or fingerprints. The focus of our warped discussion is Trendley and the handwriting evidence in the Lindbergh... more
          • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 08:21
            Of course you don't want to evaluate based on true sciences. Its understandable and I don't blame you. So why not look at court testimony you like so much but this time from two experts testifying on ... more
        • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sun Apr 8 22:44
          • Real IssuesJack, Mon Apr 9 15:41
            It seems this Trendly stuff is just another sidebar that doesn't really mean anything. You all who profess an alternative to a one Kidnapper/Hauptmann solution should try to find something of... more
            • Re: Real IssuesAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 08:30
              It is a sidebar but an important one. Handwriting experts have been disagreeing with one another ever since the term existed. If someone were to accuse you of forgery don't be surprised if the... more
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