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Michael 5260 for Anonymous
Re: When testimony becomes tripe
Sun Apr 8, 2018 09:54

You have the cases and/or references? I doubt it. If you did you would have plastered then all over the place to such an extent we would all need a barf bag.

I'm supposed to do research that was supposedly already done by you? Why? Is your research some kind of secret? Why are there any kind of secrets about an eighty-six year old murder/kidnapping case packed in mothballs and covered with cobwebs?

Did I say I was an expert? No. I told you the court decides who and who isn't an expert witness. You have a tendency to throw the word "expert" around like ticker tape at a parade.

What I think ruins Trendley? He ruined himself.

The two experts I like? I didn't say I liked them. I didn't say I hated them. All I asked was for you to provide the court cases where they appeared on opposite sides. I'll make it easy. How about one court case? That should be easy.

Osborn believed himself to be a part time sleuth? Where did you get that one from? Was it a true crime writer where some of them stretch the truth until it breaks?

I've been to just about every law library in the state of New Jersey. I've usually found text books written by Osborn, Hagan, Ames, etc. I've never found a text book written by John M. Trendley. If you find one I will eat it. Without Dijon mustard. Finding one should keep you busy.

Neurosurgeons that do other jobs full time, like rebuilding Chevy small block engines, and then venture forth occasionally to operate on a patient's brain? You are comfortable with such a thing? You are also comfortable with a quack document examiner rendering a judgment on handwriting that has an effect on a person's money, property, estate, imprisonment, or their very life? Good for you.

"Don't answer that. Never mind". I thought you would be twenty-first century and say, Whatever".

  • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sun Apr 8 08:18
    Yes I made it and yes I have the cases and/or references. Being an expert yourself you should already know, and if you don't shouldn't you be at the ready to research it yourself? You say you want to ... more
    • Re: When testimony becomes tripe — Michael 5260 for Anonymous, Sun Apr 8 09:54
      • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sun Apr 8 22:38
        You "doubt" it. Funny. Barf bag indeed. Project much? Once again, despite all of this fluff and attempts at sounding legit, you once again evade the point: Two experts you like were on opposite... more
        • Re: When testimony becomes tripeMichael 5260, Mon Apr 9 07:40
          Of course I doubt it. You made the claim about Osborn and Stein. Yet you show us nothing. You think it's funny? I don't. "Project much"? Now you move us into the psychiatric realm? What does this... more
          • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 08:16
            You've lost your mind. You came here to bash Trendley unopposed. Sorry to interfere, but whatever you do don't let the facts get into the way. The next thing I know I "hate" Stein and Osborn?... more
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