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Re: When testimony becomes tripe
Sun Apr 8, 2018 22:43

List cases where two experts representing a legitimate science testify against one another. Ballistics? Serology? Fingerprints?

QDE examiners are nothing more than educated "guessers." Its why both the Prosecution and Defense will always be able to find one no matter what the situation.

Have you read Ana Kyle's books? The Dead Poets Plus One: the Lindbergh Kidnap Case (2004), and Two Men and One Pair of Shoes : The Trial of Richard Hauptmann.

Ana Kyle is a court-certified Document Examiner with 38 years of experience in the field of Questioned Documents and psychological profiling through handwriting.

Why does she see things as you do?

  • Re: When testimony becomes tripeMichael 5260 for Anonymous, Sun Apr 8 08:39
    If you believe that forensic document examination is junk science you need to start writing letters about this problem and send them to the following: Interpol Scotland Yard RCMP FBI U.S. Postal... more
    • Re: When testimony becomes tripe — Anonymous, Sun Apr 8 22:43
      • Re: When testimony becomes tripeMichael 5260, Mon Apr 9 08:05
        Stop trying to give me assignments. I'm not interested in ballistics, serology, or fingerprints. The focus of our warped discussion is Trendley and the handwriting evidence in the Lindbergh... more
        • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 08:21
          Of course you don't want to evaluate based on true sciences. Its understandable and I don't blame you. So why not look at court testimony you like so much but this time from two experts testifying on ... more
      • Re: When testimony becomes tripeAnonymous, Sun Apr 8 22:44
        • Real IssuesJack, Mon Apr 9 15:41
          It seems this Trendly stuff is just another sidebar that doesn't really mean anything. You all who profess an alternative to a one Kidnapper/Hauptmann solution should try to find something of... more
          • Re: Real IssuesAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 08:30
            It is a sidebar but an important one. Handwriting experts have been disagreeing with one another ever since the term existed. If someone were to accuse you of forgery don't be surprised if the... more
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