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dudley schonfeld's "lone wolf"
Mon Apr 9, 2018 18:55

No question the rest of the gang wouldn't have cared about Hauptmann. This wasn't a Boy Scout expedition. No camaraderie can be inferred with this bunch.

But my problem, Joe, is with the assumption that Hauptmann was Cemetery John. If he wasn't, then he couldn't have been a lone kidnapper. And if he wasn't a lone kidnapper, trying him alone in a capital case was a miscarriage of justice. The fact that Hauptmann's arrest ended the investigation, when everyone assumed a gang had kidnapped the Eaglet, was an act of cowardice by the cops and FBI.

There are two huge problems with the Hauptmann/Cemetery John connection. First, every cop on the beat had his description in hand for 2-1'2 years; Hauptmann never attempted to disguise himself or avoid recognition, yet he was never stopped even once for questioning. Second, as Cemetery John Hauptmann would have known he was being sought and would have left town for good, or at least undergone a physical makeover (face lift, beard, whatever). This was Public Enemy Number One, Joe! The cops were being ridiculed by Walter Winchell on a daily basis. And this guy was right under their noses, in plain sight the whole while.

  • Re: let me try to finish that sentenceJoe for Bob, Mon Apr 9 08:45
    Remember that Hauptmann, who was obviously in this caper up to his neck, was "allowed" to carry on in and around the Bronx for a good two and a half years, and if anyone should have been "sacrificed" ... more
    • Jack for BobJack, Sat Apr 28 06:05
      I think. Bob, to support your long time "gang" claim, you should show some supporting thought. Specifically what was their motive? To get Capone out of the country? If that was the case why when TLK... more
      • supporting thought(s)bob mills for jack and forum, Sat Apr 28 12:43
        There are multiple reasons for believing the kidnapping was the work of a gang acting in behalf of Al Capone. 1) Jafsie Condon's actions suggest that he was aware of a gang operating out of his own... more
    • dudley schonfeld's "lone wolf" — bob mills for joe and forum, Mon Apr 9 18:55
      • Re: dudley schonfeld's "lone wolf"Joe for Bob Mills, Wed Apr 11 08:04
        Hauptmann was tried and convicted for murder under the felony murder doctrine. I also believe there was a good likelihood of others' involvement, but let's face it Bob, investigators were getting... more
        • hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)bob mills for joe and forum, Wed Apr 11 13:50
          Obviously, Joe, I can't prove it. But the existence of the witness protection program (which didn't exist in the 1930s) proves that the mob will resort to threats of murder with impunity, and to... more
          • Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)Joe for Bob Mills, Thu Apr 12 11:29
            Bob, by your own admission of the invasiveness and severity of mob tactics, if Hauptmann had had anything at all to do with this kind of scheme, you know he wouldn't have survived April 1932. Do you... more
            • how the mob operatesbob mills for joe and forum, Fri Apr 13 08:39
              Joe, my understanding of mob tactics is that they put out an offer "on the street" for a particular job at a set price. Often it's a murder contract. They want someone eliminated, but the mob bosses... more
              • Re: how the mob operatesJoe for Bob Mills, Sat Apr 14 09:29
                Bob, I can't even entertain the notion Capone would not have known who the kidnappers were and that retribution for the baby's death would not have been immediately forthcoming. The only reason big... more
                • my last comments on the issuebob mills for joe and forum, Sun Apr 15 04:46
                  Joe, I'm not sure what you meant by "...a golden opportunity to beat a major rap." Capone was in prison on a relatively minor rap, i.e., income tax evasion. He'd already been convicted, so he... more
            • Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)Michael 5260 for Joe, Thu Apr 12 14:25
              Joe, can you imagine what would have happened if Hauptmann had reported back to Big Al with $50,000 instead of $70,000. Al would have been reaching for his baseball bat. When Hauptmann made the... more
              • Last PostJack, Sat Apr 14 14:13
                Amen, Michael.
              • respectful dissentbob mills for michael melsky, Fri Apr 13 12:54
                Michael, Big Al wasn't expecting anyone to bring him money, not $50,000., not $70,000. As you and many others have pointed out accurately, this was a small amount in mob terms. The kidnapping wasn't... more
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