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Joe for Bob Mills
Re: how the mob operates
Sat Apr 14, 2018 09:29

Bob, I can't even entertain the notion Capone would not have known who the kidnappers were and that retribution for the baby's death would not have been immediately forthcoming. The only reason big Al injected himself into this case, was because he was a big leach, who saw, at least in his mind a golden opportunity to beat a major rap.

As for Duane Baker, I still see the possibility of his involvement somewhere within the scheme, but ultimately and clearly, Hauptmann was the prime player, at least following the death of the baby.

Condon was pretty sure there were other players but that doesn't necessarily make them mob contractees. Investigators would have tried to reassure him after Hautpmann was targeted as a lone wolf, but I'm sure he retained some misgivings about his personal safety.

The theory of mob involvement in this case was untenable from the beginning (input from Rosner, Spitale, Bitz, Costello, Capone, Moretti, Adonis, Abner Zwillman, Purple Gang et al which went nowhere) and nothing has made it any more palatable after 86 years. It's time to bury this one and move forward.

  • how the mob operatesbob mills for joe and forum, Fri Apr 13 08:39
    Joe, my understanding of mob tactics is that they put out an offer "on the street" for a particular job at a set price. Often it's a murder contract. They want someone eliminated, but the mob bosses... more
    • Re: how the mob operates — Joe for Bob Mills, Sat Apr 14 09:29
      • my last comments on the issuebob mills for joe and forum, Sun Apr 15 04:46
        Joe, I'm not sure what you meant by "...a golden opportunity to beat a major rap." Capone was in prison on a relatively minor rap, i.e., income tax evasion. He'd already been convicted, so he... more
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