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bob mills for joe and forum
my last comments on the issue
Sun Apr 15, 2018 04:46

Joe, I'm not sure what you meant by "...a golden opportunity to beat a major rap."

Capone was in prison on a relatively minor rap, i.e., income tax evasion. He'd already been convicted, so he couldn't "beat" anything. He was trying to cut a deal with the government. 'Let me out and I'll get the baby back for you." Capone was relying on public sympathy for the Lindberghs.

Now, ask yourself this question. "Was Capone so stupid as to think he could return the Eaglet and fulfill his bargain, if the kidnapping had been a one-man operation?" Or a two-man operation? Or any operation unrelated to the mob? Wouldn't Capone have realized that if someone unconnected to the mob had done the deal, that he'd be back in prison immediately with extra years added to his sentence for obstruction of justice? Are we really to believe that Capone was trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Could he have been that stupid?

The great irony surrounding this whole argument is that Lindy, not the government, made the decision to refuse Capone's offer. And why did Lindy make that call? As I understand it, because Lindy thought a different gang was involved (either the one Curtis said he was dealing with, or Cemetery John's gang). There was no doubt in Lindy's mind that a gang was involved. But we're not allowed to assume that gang was working in Capone's behalf?

  • Re: how the mob operatesJoe for Bob Mills, Sat Apr 14 09:29
    Bob, I can't even entertain the notion Capone would not have known who the kidnappers were and that retribution for the baby's death would not have been immediately forthcoming. The only reason big... more
    • my last comments on the issue — bob mills for joe and forum, Sun Apr 15 04:46
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