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Michael 5260 for Jack
Re: Pelletreau
Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:03

Pelletreau accuses Jacob Nosovitsky of being the writer of the ransom notes not Charles Lindbergh.

Nosovitsky is only referred to as the mysterious "Mr. X" in the article. Pelletreau was not going to name names because he knew he would have had a civil lawsuit on his hands that he would have lost bigtime.

The editor of the magazine was aware of a lawsuit, thus the disclaimer:

"However, his views are his own. They are published by this magazine as a matter of public interest for discussion, pro and con". -Ed.

Pelletreau takes the reader into a new region of handwriting identification:

"I was impressed by one thing, and that was Hauptmann's apparent unconcern about being proved to be the writer of the ransom notes. He wrote with a fountain pen that I gave him and he was just as unrestrained and natural as you would be were you making a note on a memo pad about something you had to do tomorrow. I decided there and then that whatever Hauptmann's connection with the Lindbergh case was he most certainly had not actually written the ransom notes".

Ridiculous. Just by looking at Hauptmann Pelletreau eliminated Hauptmann as the writer of the ransom notes. No need to analyze, compare, and evaluate Hauptmann's handwriting. Boom, just like that. Pelletreau had it all in the bag based on "looking".

This is similar to a juror staring at a defendant and concluding, "He looks innocent to me". Or another juror sitting next to him presuming, "He looks guilty to me".

  • PelletreauJack, Sun Apr 15 23:59
    The information on Pelletreau in the books is very limited. Do you know what (letters, spacing, etc.) he used to determine that CAL wrote the first ransom note? He was one of Hoffman's Lindbergh... more
    • Re: Pelletreau — Michael 5260 for Jack, Mon Apr 16 11:03
      • PelletreauJack fof Michael 5260, Wed Apr 18 10:26
        Was Pelletreau the one who came up with the letter "k" being very different than Hauptmann's "k". I remember now that he claimed Noso wrote the noted and I had that magazine , True Detective, I think ... more
        • Re: PelletreauMichael 5260 for Jack, Fri Apr 20 11:57
          I hope you can find the Pelletreau article. When this article is studied thoroughly it reveals that it is a testament to handwriting identification incompetence.
          • Jack for Michael 5260Jack, Fri Apr 20 15:55
            Me too - I have the whole magazine somewhere unless somebody stole it. I'm usually in the process of moving so that's not all I can't find.BTW - have you seen Michael 5261 around? He was heading west ... more
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