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Michael 5260 for Jack
Re: Pelletreau
Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:57

I hope you can find the Pelletreau article. When this article is studied thoroughly it reveals that it is a testament to handwriting identification incompetence.

  • PelletreauJack fof Michael 5260, Wed Apr 18 10:26
    Was Pelletreau the one who came up with the letter "k" being very different than Hauptmann's "k". I remember now that he claimed Noso wrote the noted and I had that magazine , True Detective, I think ... more
    • Re: Pelletreau — Michael 5260 for Jack, Fri Apr 20 11:57
      • Jack for Michael 5260Jack, Fri Apr 20 15:55
        Me too - I have the whole magazine somewhere unless somebody stole it. I'm usually in the process of moving so that's not all I can't find.BTW - have you seen Michael 5261 around? He was heading west ... more
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