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Michael 5260
gaga about k's
Tue May 1, 2018 11:34

John Trendley shares his observation concerning the k's with the Flemington jury.

A. ...I never found a "K" of Hauptmann's style of writing, he never deviated from his own handwriting(in the request writings). I think that is the most outstanding characteristic in this whole case of the ransom letters, that a man two years after-if Hauptmann wrote those letters, he would have to disguise all his letters and he couldn't carry 26 letters(the "K's") in his mind while he was writing.

There are 63 K's appearing in the ransom notes. We find three capital "K's" and sixty cursive lower case "k's. They are consistent with each other and freely written. When you find delicate, inconspicuous parts(the k's) that are consistently repeated, and especially if they are written freely, it is safe to conclude that they are not disguised.

In Hauptmann's request writings there are 64 K's. We find eleven capital "K's" and fifty-three cursive lower case "k's". When they are compared to the k's in the ransom notes we find that the capital K's are a match to the capital K's in the ransom notes but the cursive lower case k's do not match. Why?

It is caused by the passage of time. Hauptmann was writing the cursive k's in the request writings two and a half years later after writing the ransom notes. Also, Hauptmann was a versatile writer due to his learning to write in German first, and then learning to write in English as an adult. His writing was a hybrid handwriting of German/English and it had an effect on the way he wrote. The passing of time is also the reason the unique "x" is not found in Hauptmann's request writings in 1934. The peculiar x's" are only found in the automotive documents and the address book that Hauptmann wrote during the 1931-1932 time period. They are more contemporaneous to the Lindbergh ransom notes.

This whole notion that a person can be identified or eliminated as a writer of an anonymous writing based on one or two handwriting characteristics is just plain stupid. A correct conclusion in any handwriting case is based only upon a combination of common qualities and individual characteristics in sufficient number so that it is reasonable to say that they would not all accidentally coincide in two writings by different writers.

    • KJack, Wed May 2 19:24
      I disagree. That capital "K" is very distinctive and would stand out like a sore thumb in anyone's normal writings - and was not in BRH's.
      • Re: KMichael 5260 for Jack, Thu May 3 09:44
        The "k" that has the right side of the letter appearing as a numeral "3" does not appear in Hauptmann's request writing. The "x" that looks like two small "e's" written back to back is not present in ... more
        • Re: KJoe, Thu May 3 19:40
          I wouldn't want to even hazard a guess as to the odds of Hauptmann not having written the ransom notes. He clearly demonstrated his "double e" "x's" were specific to that period and it would not... more
          • AgreeJack, Sat May 5 04:53
            I agree w/Joe. While Richard was thinking about it, i.e. had time to write the notes, he was probably devising some form of trickery for his writing. Why wouldn't he? But the basic writing, in spite... more
            • Re: AgreeJoe for Jack, Sat May 5 11:49
              I might have missed it Jack, but what was your proof? I have a lot of my own thoughts that tell me the same thing.
              • CAL innocentJack, Sun May 6 22:04
                Well, Joe - I've gone by what Ronelle commented when I posted mine, "why didn't anyone think of this before?" I know you said that if Charles would have known what was in the note he would never have ... more
                • Re: CAL innocentAnonymous, Mon May 7 03:48
                  Oops, if CAL would have known what was in the note, I believe you said he would have opened it and then not called the police. Sorry, my FP. If Charles would have known Charlie was dead he could have ... more
                  • Re: CAL innocentJoe for Jack, Tue May 8 14:18
                    Yes, my point was that if Lindbergh had set this up as a fake kidnapping, and of course known the envelope on the windowsill was part of the staging, he would have opened it right away and not... more
                  • Re: CAL innocentAnonymous, Mon May 7 03:49
                    Above was from Jack. Maybe I'll be Jack Anonymous.
                • TLCJack, Sun May 6 22:28
                  In reality though, all side talk aside, I solved The Lindbergh Crime because I knocked out the biggest obstacle to Hauptmann's doing it alone, and there's nobody else to blame.
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