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Re: K
Thu May 3, 2018 19:40

I wouldn't want to even hazard a guess as to the odds of Hauptmann not having written the ransom notes. He clearly demonstrated his "double e" "x's" were specific to that period and it would not surprise me at all if his "special k" was reserved even more specifically within the duration of the ransom notes only while he hoaxed the Lindberghs into believing their son would be safely returned.

  • Re: KMichael 5260 for Jack, Thu May 3 09:44
    The "k" that has the right side of the letter appearing as a numeral "3" does not appear in Hauptmann's request writing. The "x" that looks like two small "e's" written back to back is not present in ... more
    • Re: K — Joe, Thu May 3 19:40
      • AgreeJack, Sat May 5 04:53
        I agree w/Joe. While Richard was thinking about it, i.e. had time to write the notes, he was probably devising some form of trickery for his writing. Why wouldn't he? But the basic writing, in spite... more
        • Re: AgreeJoe for Jack, Sat May 5 11:49
          I might have missed it Jack, but what was your proof? I have a lot of my own thoughts that tell me the same thing.
          • CAL innocentJack, Sun May 6 22:04
            Well, Joe - I've gone by what Ronelle commented when I posted mine, "why didn't anyone think of this before?" I know you said that if Charles would have known what was in the note he would never have ... more
            • Re: CAL innocentAnonymous, Mon May 7 03:48
              Oops, if CAL would have known what was in the note, I believe you said he would have opened it and then not called the police. Sorry, my FP. If Charles would have known Charlie was dead he could have ... more
              • Re: CAL innocentJoe for Jack, Tue May 8 14:18
                Yes, my point was that if Lindbergh had set this up as a fake kidnapping, and of course known the envelope on the windowsill was part of the staging, he would have opened it right away and not... more
              • Re: CAL innocentAnonymous, Mon May 7 03:49
                Above was from Jack. Maybe I'll be Jack Anonymous.
            • TLCJack, Sun May 6 22:28
              In reality though, all side talk aside, I solved The Lindbergh Crime because I knocked out the biggest obstacle to Hauptmann's doing it alone, and there's nobody else to blame.
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