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Michael 5260
A putrid proclamation.
Sat May 5, 2018 12:45

Lanigan questions John Trendley about the misspellings.

Q. (What) about misspellings? The "h-t-e". The fact that it appears three times in the Hauptmann writings and the same misspelling, h-t-e, appears in the ransom notes, has no significance to you?

A. Not when I understood how this Hauptmann writing was made.

Q. How do you understand it was made?

A. It was made under the police. All the dictated letters were taken in a police station. I wouldn't take anything written in a police station.

Q. Why not?

A. That is in regard to misspelled words. You would spell what they tell you to spell...

What an outlandish stupid statement. Where did Trendley think the request writings should have been taken. At a bus or train station? The request writings have to be witnessed and signed by the authorities or they will not be admitted into evidence by the court. I guess Trendley would have preferred that the building janitor witnessed the request writings.

Trendley found no importance in "the" being spelled as "hte" by Hauptmann. This misspelling is an odd, individual handwriting quirk and Trendley doesn't understand its identification value. Hauptmann just so happens to transpose letters in a simple three letter word the same way the ransom note writer transposes them in the very same word but he is still not the writer of the Lindbergh ransom notes. Wow, critical thinking just died a horrible death.

It's too bad Trendley wasn't asked about the word "boat" being spelled as "boad". A misspelling that is neither German or English. Oh, I know, Trendley would say that all German immigrants from the southern portion of the Hartz Mountains, when the day is dark and gloomy of course, spell "boat" as "boad". Next question please Mr. Lanigan, I think I'm on a roll.

    • CommentJack, Mon May 7 05:46
      I won't comment, Michael - 'cause you are on a roll.
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