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Re: CAL innocent
Mon May 7, 2018 03:49

Above was from Jack. Maybe I'll be Jack Anonymous.

  • Re: CAL innocentAnonymous, Mon May 7 03:48
    Oops, if CAL would have known what was in the note, I believe you said he would have opened it and then not called the police. Sorry, my FP. If Charles would have known Charlie was dead he could have ... more
    • Re: CAL innocentJoe for Jack, Tue May 8 14:18
      Yes, my point was that if Lindbergh had set this up as a fake kidnapping, and of course known the envelope on the windowsill was part of the staging, he would have opened it right away and not... more
    • Re: CAL innocent — Anonymous, Mon May 7 03:49
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