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Joe for Jack
Re: Posts
Wed May 9, 2018 09:05

I'll co-author the book with you Jack.. debunking the "Lindbergh Did-It" conspiracy theory. It should only take one page.. I'll right half and you right half. We can sell it as a "manuscript" for forty bucks on Amazon. What do you think?

  • PostsJack, Tue May 8 17:26
    Ronelle - I'd like to report this anonymous character for taunting posts!
    • Re: Posts — Joe for Jack, Wed May 9 09:05
      • BookJack, Thu May 10 01:59
        Good plan Joe. I was thinking it would have to be something like that. The proofs we have make it so impossible for CAL to be involved, and after him there's nobody else even mentioned as a... more
        • Book and MoreJack, Thu May 10 02:04
          It's funny how these people on here and the other site keep chasing their tails though. Michael was a couple days ago dissecting the analysis of Hauptmann's handwriting. Of course he made some good... more
          • First note theoryJack for Joe, Thu May 10 02:18
            The problem with your take on it, Joe is that ransom notes always say do not contact the police. And it;s a normal but wordy ransom note.
            • Re: First note theoryJoe for Jack, Thu May 10 10:51
              I believe the kidnapping was originally intended to be a "quick snatch and return" for the child, alive or dead. I agree it's standard wording not to call the police and the kidnapper clearly wanted... more
              • The PlanJack, Fri May 11 01:13
                Well I'd agree if some connection could be established with CAL and Hauptmann before the crime. Until then, it's as someone said above, nada.
            • Missed Something?Jack for Joe, Thu May 10 02:37
              Perhaps I missed something Joe. The wordage on these sites lately is much. Typing awards should be given out now!
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