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Jack for Joe
Missed Something?
Thu May 10, 2018 02:37

Perhaps I missed something Joe. The wordage on these sites lately is much. Typing awards should be given out now!

  • First note theoryJack for Joe, Thu May 10 02:18
    The problem with your take on it, Joe is that ransom notes always say do not contact the police. And it;s a normal but wordy ransom note.
    • Re: First note theoryJoe for Jack, Thu May 10 10:51
      I believe the kidnapping was originally intended to be a "quick snatch and return" for the child, alive or dead. I agree it's standard wording not to call the police and the kidnapper clearly wanted... more
      • The PlanJack, Fri May 11 01:13
        Well I'd agree if some connection could be established with CAL and Hauptmann before the crime. Until then, it's as someone said above, nada.
    • Missed Something? — Jack for Joe, Thu May 10 02:37
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