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Michael 5260
Trendley's hissy fit.
Fri May 11, 2018 10:47

Lanigan cross examines John Trendley.

Q. Mr. Trendley, you offered your services in this case prior to the time you had examined the documents, didn't you?

A. Yes,sir. I had seen some copies of the signatures and writing in the Springfield Record. I saw some things that were very indicative to me that Hauptmann did not write these letters.

Q. Now, Mr. Trendley, when you testify for a witness, you frequently prepare charts and photographs do you not?

A. Sometimes, if it is a big case.

Q. Yet in a case like this you prepared no charts, did you?

A. How could we when you wouldn't surrender nothing.

Q. Who?

A. You. You didn't even want to let me look at the original.

Q. When was that?

A. When I was down at Trenton for two days and got two hours on them.

Q. So your opinion is based on your two and a half hour examination of the original documents?

A. That, coupled with day and night with these books(of photographs of the documents).

So, Trendley puts the blame on Lanigan because he didn't have enough time to examine the documents, yet he goes right ahead and gives an opinion that Hauptmann did not write the disputed documents. Man, is this outlandish.

Trendley admitted, under oath, that he had a conclusion that Hauptmann did not write the ransom notes in September of 1934. Hauptmann's trial began January 5, 1935 and Trendley still was not prepared. It is an examiner's professional duty and obligation to be prepared for court. You do not arrive at court with nothing prepared and having some idea that you can wing it with cockamamie testimony

There was more than enough time for Trendley to properly prepare for his court appearance and for him to claim he didn't have enough time is ridiculous.

Another great absurdity was that Trendley was taking the very same photographs and exhibits that proved Hauptmann wrote the ransom notes and using them to prove that Hauptmann did not write the ransom notes. Such prestidigitation. Harry Houdini would have been pleased.

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