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Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: questions about the faulkner letter
Thu May 24, 2018 19:57

There were many investigative agencies that were involved in the LKC case. Should a person spend their time reviewing every single report that was written at the time? Looking for what? This doesn't sound very productive to me.

If a person wants to spin their wheels in one spot until hell freezes over they are welcome to do so. It's no skin off my backside.

August Hartkorn? The "dean" of handwriting experts according to Pelletreau? There is no great maven or some kind of an Oracle of Delphi regarding handwriting identification and there never was one. There never will be one.

To me, Hartkorn was far from being a preeminent handwriting examiner, if as you say, he concluded that the signature on the bank deposit slip matched the signature on the letter to Hoffman. The letter signature is an imitation of the bank deposit slip signature. If you doubt it have both signatures compared at the NJSP questioned document section. Det. Dan Poland used to work there but I think he has retired. No matter, I'm sure someone has replaced him and they would do the comparison for you for free.

If August Hartkorn was Pelletreau's mentor Hartkorn's protégé certainly didn't learn very much at all. The proof is in the True Detective magazine article that Pelletreau wrote. Ronelle was kind enough to put the article up on this board.

Read it. You will find it illuminating.

Who are the experts(man I hate that word)that seem to keep disagreeing in so many cases?

  • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael, Thu May 24 16:56
    Written like someone who hasn't read through most of the collection. So paint everything as originating from "Nut Cases" in order to justify not doing so, and to dissuade others as if they would be... more
    • Re: questions about the faulkner letter — Michael 5260 for Michael, Thu May 24 19:57
      • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael, Fri May 25 05:37
        Of course doing research is productive. Not doing it is evidence of what exactly? I mean, here you are saying you didn't know that Hartkorn made that conclusion. Why not? It's in the very collection... more
        • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael 5260 for Michael, Fri May 25 10:42
          Is this some kind of a contest? The more times a person goes to the archives, the more times they stare at the various collections, the more valid their conclusions become? I know I've burned my fair ... more
          • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael, Fri May 25 17:43
            Certainly not a contest but if it were one you'd lose badly. And yet you dissuade research by throwing out labels like "garbage" and "nonsense" concerning Hoffman's Collection? It's unconscionable.... more
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