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Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: questions about the faulkner letter
Fri May 25, 2018 10:42

Is this some kind of a contest? The more times a person goes to the archives, the more times they stare at the various collections, the more valid their conclusions become? I know I've burned my fair share of gasoline traveling back and forth and I was only working on the handwriting evidence.

What is this business about guilt by association? You seem to have this intense idea about liking people or disliking people. I don't give a damn about Pelletreau or Hartkorn in either direction.

If August Hartkorn was such a handwriting identification water walker why was he absent from the Flemington trial? One of the most significant handwriting identification cases to come down the turnpike of life and Hartkorn was lost in the ozone? Where was Pelletreau? According to him he had the whole handwriting case wrapped up in a bow in April 1932. On a silver platter according to him.

It is nice to know you have read the Pelletreau article and that you know so much about him. What are your conclusions about his article? I hope you didn't toss it in the waste basket along with Robert Zorn's book and anything else that you deem disagreeable.

Are you going to have the bank deposit slip and Faulkner letter signatures compared to each other by the NJSP as I suggested? If you do not trust them I'm sure you can find a handwriting examiner that is experienced, reputable and that will also fit your pistol. As you said, "There is nothing that should be "skipped." If you do skip it you are the one that is extremely reckless.

  • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael, Fri May 25 05:37
    Of course doing research is productive. Not doing it is evidence of what exactly? I mean, here you are saying you didn't know that Hartkorn made that conclusion. Why not? It's in the very collection... more
    • Re: questions about the faulkner letter — Michael 5260 for Michael, Fri May 25 10:42
      • Re: questions about the faulkner letterMichael, Fri May 25 17:43
        Certainly not a contest but if it were one you'd lose badly. And yet you dissuade research by throwing out labels like "garbage" and "nonsense" concerning Hoffman's Collection? It's unconscionable.... more
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