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Faulkner Letter
Thu May 31, 2018 18:56

This should help more.

The Faulkner Letter was, by professional investigation, determined to be a hoax of a hoax.

Look it up, it's in the books! And uncontested except on this joint.

  • This should help.Michael 5260 for Michael, Wed May 30 11:41
    Here is a list of forensic document associations that should prove helpful to you. American Board of Forensic Document Examiners American Society of Questioned Document Examiners Southwestern... more
    • Faulkner Letter — Jack, Thu May 31 18:56
    • tonite on the Travel CHannel!Richard E Sloan, Thu May 31 10:33
      Tonight is the first airing of "The Mysteries of the Museums" one hour episode about the Lindbergh kidnapping. 9 pm-10 pm. (First re-run June 2, at noon.) Participants will include myself (in front... more
      • Charles involvementAnonymous, Fri Jun 1 11:24
        Watched the Lindbergh episode. It brought something to mind that I'd forgotten. Anne heard tires crunching on gravel driveway before Charles got home. (Keep in mind what a prankster Charles was).... more
        • the TV show, for Sam et.alRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 19:22
          The great overhead videos seen on the show were not done from a helicopter; it was a drone! So cool!
        • Lindy theoryRichard E Sloan, Fri Jun 1 20:48
          I am firlmly convinced that the wood evidence proves conclusively that Hauptmann was involved in some capacity. That would mean that the Lindy theory doesn't hold water. I believe Kelvin Kerega's... more
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