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Charles involvement
Fri Jun 1, 2018 11:24

Watched the Lindbergh episode. It brought something to mind that I'd forgotten. Anne heard tires crunching on gravel driveway before Charles got home. (Keep in mind what a prankster Charles was). Could that have been Charles sneaking in to get Charlie? He placed the ladder and ransom letter, took Charlie down ladder. Charlie was injured or killed when ladder broke. Charles panicked and drove away with Charlie, placed the body in the woods. He went back home as though nothing had happened. When Charlie wasn't found soon, Charles had to let things play out as though Charlie had been kidnapped. From there everything was hinged on the ransom and who would collect it. Condon got involved (why would Charles have allowed that, unless he needed help and a distraction to make it look like a real kidnapping). Lindbergh had already lost his son, he couldn't lose his wife (pregnant with his 2nd child) or his fame over a stupid prank.

  • tonite on the Travel CHannel!Richard E Sloan, Thu May 31 10:33
    Tonight is the first airing of "The Mysteries of the Museums" one hour episode about the Lindbergh kidnapping. 9 pm-10 pm. (First re-run June 2, at noon.) Participants will include myself (in front... more
    • Charles involvement — Anonymous, Fri Jun 1 11:24
      • the TV show, for Sam et.alRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 19:22
        The great overhead videos seen on the show were not done from a helicopter; it was a drone! So cool!
      • Lindy theoryRichard E Sloan, Fri Jun 1 20:48
        I am firlmly convinced that the wood evidence proves conclusively that Hauptmann was involved in some capacity. That would mean that the Lindy theory doesn't hold water. I believe Kelvin Kerega's... more
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