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Sam for all
RICHARD SLOAN's appearance
Sun Jun 3, 2018 13:34

For those you, like this Canadian, who don't have access to Mysteries at the Museum - Lindbergh Kidnapping, you can download an MP4 version from here for seven days:


  • Night at the Museum programKristy, Sun Jun 3 11:39
    I'm watching the show now. The man climbing into the nursery from the ladder shows him stretching and struggling to reach the window as he gets in. When he leaves the window to go back down the... more
    • ladder re-enactmentRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 09:25
      I noticed the same thing and am glad you posted the question.
      • The ladderSam, Mon Jun 4 12:13
        Um. I thought that it's been pretty well established that only TWO sections of the ladder were used. And there were marks/scrapes on the house wall to demonstrate that. And I'm surprised that no one... more
    • RICHARD SLOAN's appearance — Sam for all, Sun Jun 3 13:34
      • TV showRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 09:30
        Sam, in retrospect, the show was pretty lame, spending more time on 2 theories most (not all, of cs.) reject, at the expense of even import. elements of the whole story. I came off "OK, altho... more
        • RICHARD SLOAN's appearanceSam to Richard, Mon Jun 4 12:23
          My scattered thoughts on the show: - outstanding production values throughout (even shots from a helicopter) - the host was way too dramatic in his presentation. But credit to him for navigating the... more
          • JFC's houseRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 17:05
            I believe the house is now its orig. color, somewhat.Lighter, rather than darker. Highfields is now run differently, and is for girls. I think they've changed the baby's room, taken out the computers ... more
      • Re: RICHARD SLOAN's appearanceJoe for Sam, Sun Jun 3 15:37
        Thanks Sam.. very nice of you to post that!
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