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Reeve Lindbergh and the Lindbergh baby claimants
Sun Jun 3, 2018 20:23

It's been said the reason babys bone fragments and hair were removed from the museum was to keep the german family from being able to compare DNA? That seems strange to me considering that a Lindbergh family member allowed a DNA test be done. That test proved the german family were Charles Lindberghs children. Could the remains have been removed to keep DNA test from being done and finding out that the remains didn't belong to the Lindbergh baby. If the remaining family (Reeve especially) was positive the remains were those of her brother Charlie, Why wouldn't she/they have allowed DNA test to be done to prove it? Wouldn't that put an end to all the Lindbergh Baby Claimants? What is the family afraid of? Lindbergh has already been proven to have kept deep secrets of other women having his children. Is the family afraid he kept even deeper, darker secrets? Are they afraid that DNA will prove Charlie didn't die in 1932? Are they afraid Charles new that when he identified the body found and that he had it cremated to keep anyone from finding out it wasn't his sons remains? Are they afraid to find out the truth about their brother? After finding my father kept secret that he had 3 other families I wouldn't trust anything he'd said.

    • DNRRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 09:33
      maybe Reeve pulled the artifacts out of fear that the family would claim they are the illegit kids. That might have been the chronology. Once they came forward, it didnt matter. Maybe she didnt think ... more
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