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Sam to Richard
RICHARD SLOAN's appearance
Mon Jun 4, 2018 12:23

My scattered thoughts on the show:

- outstanding production values throughout (even shots from a helicopter)
- the host was way too dramatic in his presentation. But credit to him for navigating the ladder!
- I was sad to observe Condon's house is now a different colour. Slowly the march of time erases our LKC touchpoints (so happy Rich exposed me to the original Woodlawn gates, among other things)
- I just KNEW amazing experts - like Rich, Falzini, Melsky, Gardner - had way more interesting things to say and they were heavily edited
- It looked like the Highfields nursery was clear of furniture - not like the times I visited. Wonder if they did that for the TV production?

  • TV showRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 09:30
    Sam, in retrospect, the show was pretty lame, spending more time on 2 theories most (not all, of cs.) reject, at the expense of even import. elements of the whole story. I came off "OK, altho... more
    • RICHARD SLOAN's appearance — Sam to Richard, Mon Jun 4 12:23
      • JFC's houseRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 4 17:05
        I believe the house is now its orig. color, somewhat.Lighter, rather than darker. Highfields is now run differently, and is for girls. I think they've changed the baby's room, taken out the computers ... more
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