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Michael 5260
The viosterol melodrama.
Wed Jun 6, 2018 10:27

Rumors about the health of the Lindbergh baby began almost from the moment of its birth. The baby was born at home and the public had not seen the baby. Much more grating, to the news reporters anyway, was that they had not seen the baby.

What to do? Crank up the rumor mill that there was something wrong with the baby and that the Lindbergh's were keeping the child hidden. This would smoke out the Lindbergh's to reveal the baby and it worked.

After the Lindbergh's brought the baby out into public view, like an organ grinder's monkey, the news media was satisfied the baby did not have two heads and was physically normal. The reporters and the public were content. For awhile.

This brings us to the viosterol. Somehow, someway, the viosterol that was included in the baby's diet became some kind of dark sinister substance that proves the Lindbergh baby was physically defective. At the least, the baby was saturated with rickets. Is this true? No.

Viosterol is a synthetic vitamin D2 supplement that was commonly used in the 1930's. It was used as a "preventative" measure against the development of rickets not as a cure. Viosterol is activated by ultraviolet light. This is why you see photographs of the baby pushed around in a baby carriage in the sunlight and why the sun lamp is in the baby's nursery.

We are given the impression, by some authors, that a dosage of 14 drops of viosterol is a massive amount. It isn't. A dosage of 14 drops is equivalent to 0.18420532416296 teaspoon. We can see this is far from a large amount. It wouldn't make a difference if it had been 28 drops. It's just a vitamin so there was nothing about it that would make the baby's hair or teeth fall out from a large dose of viosterol.

    • For MichaelKristy, Wed Jun 6 12:05
      I read on your board that there was a question about Charlie having epilepsy. Could Annes trip during her 7th month of pregnancy and the lack of oxygen have caused epilepsy in the baby? I would think ... more
      • Re: For MichaelMichael 5260 for Kristy, Wed Jun 6 12:40
        Hi Kristy. You have the wrong Michael. I don't have a message board. From the things I've read over the years I'm surprised it has not been claimed that the Lindbergh baby had Hoof and Mouth Disease.
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