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For Michael
Wed Jun 6, 2018 12:05

I read on your board that there was a question about Charlie having epilepsy. Could Annes trip during her 7th month of pregnancy and the lack of oxygen have caused epilepsy in the baby? I would think oxygen deprivation in the mother would affect the unborn child too. I ask because in reading about Rose Mary Kennedy I read that lack of oxygen during her birth was the cause of her epilepsy and other health problems. Strange that her very popular influential family kept a lot about her health hidden from the the 60's.

  • The viosterol melodrama.Michael 5260, Wed Jun 6 10:27
    Rumors about the health of the Lindbergh baby began almost from the moment of its birth. The baby was born at home and the public had not seen the baby. Much more grating, to the news reporters... more
    • For Michael — Kristy, Wed Jun 6 12:05
      • Re: For MichaelMichael 5260 for Kristy, Wed Jun 6 12:40
        Hi Kristy. You have the wrong Michael. I don't have a message board. From the things I've read over the years I'm surprised it has not been claimed that the Lindbergh baby had Hoof and Mouth Disease.
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