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Thu Jun 7, 2018 17:13

Could Annes trip during her 7th month of pregnancy and the lack of oxygen have caused epilepsy in the baby? I would think oxygen deprivation in the mother would affect the unborn child too. I ask because, in reading about Rosemary Kennedy I read that lack of oxygen during her birth was the cause of her epilepsy and other health problems. Strange that her very popular influential family kept a lot about her health hidden from the the 60's.

    • epilepsyRichard E Sloan, Fri Jun 8 10:35
      anything is possible! I have to admit that I always thought that his face appeared odd in ALL of his pictures. It seemed pushed in and wide. Maybe he had a heart problem, not epilepsy, which I know... more
      • Re: epilepsyJoe for Richard, Fri Jun 8 12:24
        The child may not have been a perfect specimen, but can you imagine the publicity-shy and reclusive Lindbergh actually engineering a fake kidnapping, realizing that by doing so, he would essentially... more
        • LindyRichard E Sloan, Fri Jun 8 14:53
          As I said, I'm not "aholdin' " to the theory that Lindy had anything to do with his son's murder. I'm meely making an observation and a conjecture about the baby's health.
          • childAnonymous, Mon Jun 11 18:02
            The "boxy" shape of the baby's head was more due to his (diagnosed) rickets. The condition, especially when treated, does not interfere with longevity
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