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Richard E Sloan
Fri Jun 8, 2018 10:35

anything is possible! I have to admit that I always thought that his face appeared odd in ALL of his pictures. It seemed pushed in and wide. Maybe he had a heart problem, not epilepsy, which I know for a fact could have affected the way he looked. At that early age, it could look like he was "just cute." But as he grew he would look abnormal not only in his face but in his size. His fingers might also always be sort of pudgie. I have seen this in someone who died at the age of perhaps 15 or 18. HOWEVER, I do not adhere to the theory that Lindbergh had the boy "eliminated." If any of this is so, isn't it ironic that Lindbergh later worked on a heart project with someone?!

  • Epilepsy?'skristy, Thu Jun 7 17:13
    Could Annes trip during her 7th month of pregnancy and the lack of oxygen have caused epilepsy in the baby? I would think oxygen deprivation in the mother would affect the unborn child too. I ask... more
    • epilepsy — Richard E Sloan, Fri Jun 8 10:35
      • Re: epilepsyJoe for Richard, Fri Jun 8 12:24
        The child may not have been a perfect specimen, but can you imagine the publicity-shy and reclusive Lindbergh actually engineering a fake kidnapping, realizing that by doing so, he would essentially... more
        • LindyRichard E Sloan, Fri Jun 8 14:53
          As I said, I'm not "aholdin' " to the theory that Lindy had anything to do with his son's murder. I'm meely making an observation and a conjecture about the baby's health.
          • childAnonymous, Mon Jun 11 18:02
            The "boxy" shape of the baby's head was more due to his (diagnosed) rickets. The condition, especially when treated, does not interfere with longevity
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