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The Late Great New York Sun
Fri Jun 8, 2018 20:15

Thanks, Steve.

The New York Sun was an afternoon paper.

Edmund DeLong had just a little more time than others to file his story about the Lindbergh kidnapping -- because it was an afternoon paper.

The City Hall Library in New York and New York Public Library have the old New York Sun.

I gathered together a list of some of the employees of The New York Sun at the time of the Lindbergh kidnapping:

Gene Doane - Night City Editor of the NY Sun
Edmund DeLong - Special Correspondent to the NY Sun
Keats Speed - Managing Editor of the NY Sun
Mr. Heisner - Manager of the NY Sun's Western
Union Office
Mabel Green -- Feature Writer on the NY Sun
Harold Anderson - Editorial Writer of the NY Sun
Edmund Bartnett - New York Sun City Editor
Jacob Jackowitz - School Page Editor of the Sun

The City Hall Library and The New York Public Library -- that's where you can peruse copies of the New York Sun, Steve.

The New York City Board of Education Minutes, though, can only be found at New York's City Hall Library.;article=52011;search_term=board+of+education

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