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People Like to Deface Things
Mon Jun 11, 2018 20:46

Whether it be furniture that is made from trees that gets defaced or tree trunks that get defaced as they are minding their own business as their roots grow deep into the soil...

Well, defacing is defacing.

People deface their bodies with tattoos all the time.

I posted this article 5 years ago -- someone carved a message about the Lindbergh case into a tree in Perryville, Maryland many years ago.

Check out the very first picture in the article -- the one with the Lindbergh message carved into the tree.

Here is the part of that article that pertains to the Lindbergh case:

"The confessions, or perhaps testaments, to these murders lead the modern-day researcher to the Internet in search of articles on such murders, but without dates or places, it is a near impossible task for any but the most gifted of researchers with plenty of time. Another confessional carving, however, is for a much more well-known case. On one particular tree is carved, “Baby Lindbergh was murdered by Wheedle who is a C&P Telephone man, not a Baltimore rumor, a Newark story.”

"This carving, of course, refers to what was dubbed in 1936 by Baltimore’s H.L. Mencken, “the biggest story since the Resurrection,” the kidnapping of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., in Hopewell, N.J., the child of world-famous aviator Charles A. and Ann Morrow Lindbergh. The 20-month-old toddler was abducted from his family home March 1, 1932, and two months later the tike's body was found on May 12, 1932, dead from a massive skull fracture. A two-year investigation followed in which Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested and charged with the crime, followed by a 1935 trial. Convicted of first-degree murder Hauptmann was executed by electric chair April 3, 1936."

"That veterans, or a veteran to be more accurate, at Perry Point would be so deeply concerned with the case isn’t that much of a stretch. It was a preeminent national news story of the day and New Jersey isn’t that far away. The military even played a role in the investigation. Among the military colonels who joined the investigation were Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, and Wall Street lawyer Henry Skillman Breckinridge, who was also, coincidentally a graduate of West Nottingham Academy in Colora."

"Schwarzkopf, Breckingridge, Linbdergh and William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan, a WWI hero, believed the kidnapping was done by organized crime figures. Even Al Capone, then in prison, offered to aid in the search — for money or legal favors."

"The conspiracy theories over the Lindbergh case still exist to this day even hoaxes of people claiming to be the now adult C.A. Lindbergh, Jr., but in Cecil County there is a tree that stands as a strange but intriguing monument to this mystery and many other trees equally as mysterious."

"The Tales the Trees Tell in Perryville Park"

By Erika Quesenbery Sturgill

May 4, 2013

  • Mersman Table handwritingMichael 5260, Sun Jun 10 11:52
    When the center support pedestal of the table and the wood strip running down one side are attached it can be seen that portions of the handwriting are underneath both table structures. This is... more
    • People Like to Deface Things — Sue for Michael 5260, Mon Jun 11 20:46
      • defacing menckenbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Jun 12 10:39
        Erika Queenbery Stergil misquotes H.L. Mencken. "The biggest story since the resurrection" wasn't the LKC, it was the "Monkey Trial" in Dayton, TN in 1925. Mencken covered it for the Baltimore Sun. I ... more
        • Re: defacing menckenSue for Bob, Tue Jun 12 12:46
          Why then has that Mencken quote always been attributed to the Lindbergh case?
          • evolution, creationism, and the resurrectionbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Jun 12 13:08
            Don't know, Sue. I'd presume that someone made the error a long time ago, and it became "history" through (erroneous) repetition. Mencken's reference to the resurrection had to do with the fact that... more
    • Re: Mersman Table handwritingsteve romeo, Mon Jun 11 09:39
      its a hoax
      • Re: Mersman Table handwritingAnonymous, Fri Jun 15 03:12
        Hey Romeo - there's no way that the table could have been faked. The precision alignment of the holes would have been impossible to do without the hoaxer having the original notes, and that didn't... more
        • Re: Mersman Table handwritingsteve romeo, Tue Jun 19 09:53
          all in all I think its a hoax. we have to look at the date of the table that will end all nonsense
          • Re: Mersman Table handwritingMichael 5260 for Steve Romeo, Tue Jun 19 12:33
            It's been years since I looked at the Mersman table. At that time Mark and I were looking at the handwriting and nothing else. If there is some kind of identifier, manufacturer's stamp, burn mark,... more
        • tableJack, Sat Jun 16 02:50
          Hey Romeo: That anonymous quote was from me. I forgot to fill in all the junk. The table proves a German connection. You are all looking for a motive (Al Capone, Izzy Fisch) and it's right in front... more
          • the mersman tablebob mills for forum, Sat Jun 16 04:43
            I thought that had been settled years ago. When the holes lined up, it meant that the table had to have been used to design the symbol on the ransom notes. Forgive me for being out of touch on this.... more
            • TableJack, Sun Jun 17 02:57
              Michael (The Michael) and I agree with you Bob. Evidently these other guys can never be convinced how impossible it would be to fake it so it probably will stand at that.
        • Re: Mersman Table handwritingsteve romeo, Fri Jun 15 09:32
          its a fake period
      • Re: Mersman Table handwritingMichael 5260 for Steve Romeo, Mon Jun 11 10:50
        Hi Steve. Nice to hear from you compadre. This table does not pass the most basic of sniff tests.
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