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bob mills for tanialee
anita carlson
Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:03

Don't know about Anita Carlson, Tanialee. I spoke with Hal Olson on the phone only once, and he never mentioned her and I never asked him about her. He was pleasant, but my recollection is that he had grown tired of the back-and-forth arguments about his history.

The whole Escanaba, Michigan/bootleg liquor connection with his adoptive parents and Al Capone is, at a minimum, intriguing. But how do we reconcile it with Lindy's identification of the Eaglet, and Anne's acceptance? Has anne advanced a theory about who the dead child was, if not the Eaglet, and why nobody came forward to say, "That isn't the Lindbergh child, that's my child."????

  • Re: bob mills for tanialee/thankstanialee, Mon Jun 11 23:43
    Yqw, Bob and it was funny. Yes, we need brevity when speaking about serious stuff, once in a while as you said. Bob, do you know if Anita Carlson, as you may remember Harold Olson's sister...has... more
    • for tanialeekristy, Wed Jun 13 09:02
      You mention contacting Hal Olsons relatives (in his obituary). I have never seen his obituary? If you have a copy I would like to read it.
    • anita carlson — bob mills for tanialee, Tue Jun 12 10:03
      • bob mills for tanialee/anita carlsontanialee, Tue Jun 12 13:54
        Wow, you actually spoke with Hal, How interesting to me of course since I was one of his most avid fans. I can quite imagine that Hal might have grown weary of all the hullabaloo (remember that LK... more
        • Reeve interviewRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:46
          Maybe I missed it, Bob, but I'd like to know who is the "WWD" who had this good interview with Reeve Lindbergh, and when and under what circs. it was conducted. I met and briefly chatted with her a... more
          • Marian ChristyRichard Sloan, Wed Jun 27 13:46
            SOmeone here (Sue?) posted something about Marian Christy, a reporter working for the Boston Globe (she retired around 1995). In 1982 she conducted an interview with Anna Hauptmann in PA. Does anyone ... more
          • WWD the interviewerbob mills for richard sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:55
            I don't know who or what WWD is either, Richard. Maybe Tanialee can educate us.
        • reevebob mills for tanialee, Tue Jun 12 16:14
          Reeve was very much under the control of her older brothers where the family's past issues were concerned (including the kidnapping). Jon and Land in particular; I don't think Scott has much to do... more
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