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defacing mencken
Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:39

Erika Queenbery Stergil misquotes H.L. Mencken. "The biggest story since the resurrection" wasn't the LKC, it was the "Monkey Trial" in Dayton, TN in 1925. Mencken covered it for the Baltimore Sun.

I recently finished "Mencken: The American Iconoclast," a 2005 biography by Marion Elizabeth Rogers. I recommend it highly. Lindbergh's name does not appear in the index, albeit the book is over 600 pages long.

  • People Like to Deface ThingsSue for Michael 5260, Mon Jun 11 20:46
    Whether it be furniture that is made from trees that gets defaced or tree trunks that get defaced as they are minding their own business as their roots grow deep into the soil... Well, defacing is... more
    • defacing mencken — bob mills for sue and forum, Tue Jun 12 10:39
      • Re: defacing menckenSue for Bob, Tue Jun 12 12:46
        Why then has that Mencken quote always been attributed to the Lindbergh case?
        • evolution, creationism, and the resurrectionbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Jun 12 13:08
          Don't know, Sue. I'd presume that someone made the error a long time ago, and it became "history" through (erroneous) repetition. Mencken's reference to the resurrection had to do with the fact that... more
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