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bob mills for tanialee
Tue Jun 12, 2018 16:14

Reeve was very much under the control of her older brothers where the family's past issues were concerned (including the kidnapping). Jon and Land in particular; I don't think Scott has much to do with his siblings at this point, just as he had very to do with Lindy.

I met Reeve at a luncheon in Darien in 1999. She was there promoting her latest book, and I was trying to leverage the (moderate) success I'd had with the Lincoln book by persuading her to endorse my latest idea, a book on the kidnapping. I asked for her address, and wrote her with my idea. She was very nice about it, but firmly said the "family" had decided to accept the judgment of history. The answer was no.

  • bob mills for tanialee/anita carlsontanialee, Tue Jun 12 13:54
    Wow, you actually spoke with Hal, How interesting to me of course since I was one of his most avid fans. I can quite imagine that Hal might have grown weary of all the hullabaloo (remember that LK... more
    • Reeve interviewRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:46
      Maybe I missed it, Bob, but I'd like to know who is the "WWD" who had this good interview with Reeve Lindbergh, and when and under what circs. it was conducted. I met and briefly chatted with her a... more
      • Marian ChristyRichard Sloan, Wed Jun 27 13:46
        SOmeone here (Sue?) posted something about Marian Christy, a reporter working for the Boston Globe (she retired around 1995). In 1982 she conducted an interview with Anna Hauptmann in PA. Does anyone ... more
      • WWD the interviewerbob mills for richard sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:55
        I don't know who or what WWD is either, Richard. Maybe Tanialee can educate us.
    • reeve — bob mills for tanialee, Tue Jun 12 16:14
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